The future of modern Colombian cuisine is in the hands of young people, including Gersson Mariño. He defines himself as a permanent apprentice, in constant search of knowledge. A professional chef and baker - his bread-making skill does not fail to impress - a lover of the sweet side of gastronomy, Mariño is barely thirty, but he can already give lessons in updated traditional Colombian ingredients and recipes. He went from the Gato Dumas School (Bogotá) to the Basque Culinary Center (San Sebastián) and he can boast of having traveled throughout Colombia driven by his project Raza, which has enabled him to create a historical record of Colombian recipes and ingredients. In his dishes, he highlights Colombian diversity, the purity of local ingredients and the work of small-scale producers. He shows a special skill when combining flavors and only cooks with fresh artisan ingredients. He can come up with a delicious broth of native potatoes with coriander, onions and cumin, farm eggs on a corn arepa with peanut sauce, creamy chicken rice or red lamb meatballs with tomatoes, green beans, San Andrés Creole sauce and spicy yogurt.

At Casa Hermana, the restaurant in Bogotá where he is in charge of the kitchen and which was set opened by two sisters as enterprising and young as he is, Paula and Alejandra Vega, local products are highly regarded. They were born rural and carry the countryside in their DNA and therefore, collaborate with farmers who grow native products, an effort to promote sustainability and fair trade. Together with them, Gersson is attracting specialized critics through his Colombian flavors with an updated appearance.