Gallery by Chele

Gallery by Chele continues the legacy of research, documentation, and analysis of the flavors, techniques, and customs of the Philippines, as well as in-depth studies of the most common products. Team Gallery makes numerous trips every year in search of new examples that strengthen the soul and personality of the gastronomic culture of the Philippines and create cross-cultural innovations.

We believe in exploring the Philippines and Southeast Asia through the elevation of indigenous culinary methods that we learn from directly working with farmers and fishermen. Sharing our knowledge and collaborating with our neighbors makes us and our diners richer in this experience.

Gallery by Chele is a constantly evolving space to discover culture and traditions, nature and textures, travels and history, and translate these into flavors. Its development revolves around an innate desire to learn about native products and ingredients, and how to use them in a manner that allows for future growth.


Recipes by the chefs