Tegui is an elegant, distinguished signature restaurant. At the heart of Palermo, Hollywood, the renowned chef Germán Martitegui invites us to taste a cuisine that is impeccable in its quality, technique and presentation. A short menu, ideal to enjoy the course dinner and taste a little of each delicacy prepared behind closed doors in this old Palermitan house. His menu, with European flavors, is constantly changing to surprise his visitors.

The emblematic dish, which is not always available, is the red tuna steak served barely sealed with homemade chimichurri (herb sauce). As an option, you can add beef shin and blackberries. For dessert, we recommend flambéed bananas with white chocolate and cocoa. The wine cellar is exceptional. The prices live up to the level of the gastronomic quality of the place. The service is friendly, and the atmosphere is perfect to enjoy a couple's evening out.

Recipes by the chefs