4 slices tuna (sashimi cut), total weight 35 gr
Quilao sauce
1 kg grated coconut
Tamarind wood for smoking
Quilao mixture (for 100 gr smoked coconut cream)
20 gr red onion, in small dice
8 gr fresh ginger, in small dice
2 thin strips calamondin skin
10 ml calamondin juice (at the end, to taste)
150 ml vinegar
150 gr tuna
2 red chilli peppers
2 gr tabon-tabon extract (hydrophytune orbiculatum)
Quilao jelly
200 ml cream of quilao
7 gr kuzu
Pickled seaweed (green caviar)
100 gr water
100 gr Pinakurat vinegar
80 gr small Arozep seaweed (green caviar)


Quilao sauce: Smoke the grated coconut twice using tamarind wood. Then press to extract pure cream of coconut.

Quilao mixture: Marinade the tuna in the vinegar for 10 minutes. Mix the other ingredients in another container. Strain the tuna, and discard the vinegar. Add to the mixture and leave to absorb all the flavours for at least 30 minutes. Strain.

Quilao jelly: Mix the kuzu and the quilao mixture until smooth. Heat, stirring constantly with a rubber spatula until thick. Immediately remove from the heat and leave to cool. Add 20 gr calamondin juice and the 2 strips of calamondin rind. Mix well. Chill.

Note: To guarantee that you obtain the right texture, always reserve a little of the quilao mixture.

Pickled seaweed: Mix the vinegar and water, and add the Arozep seaweed. Chill the infusion for at least 24 hours.


Serve the slices of tuna on 4 plates, and to one side evenly spread a bed of quilao jelly. Arrange the other ingredients on top. Add the pickled seaweed, ensuring that a piece is placed on top of each piece of tuna