About Bogotá

Bogotá Madrid Fusión is organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá (CCB) , a private non-profit organization that has supported the creation and empowerment of entrepreneurs and businesspeople for over 141 years. This institution's purpose is attaining public-private coordination that contributes to improving the city and its surrounding areas. 


The lines of work that realize this effort are as follows:

Urban management

The CCB contributes to the urban development and competitiveness of the city and the region, offering specialized services aimed at the promotion, formulation, management and monitoring of projects, as well as urban proposals that contribute to territorial development at the local, urban and regional levels.

We generate spaces for dialog and articulation between public and private entities to define solutions that foster the urban development of Bogotá and the region. We also monitor the implementation of high-impact projects to formulate proposals for improving the environment for entrepreneurs and citizens.

Economic development

The CCB carries out specialized analyses and provides detailed information on the economic, business and social dynamics of the region consisting of Bogotá and Cundinamarca. The objective is to strengthen productive and business development, the generation of shared value and the construction of a sustainable, prosperous, inclusive city with a better quality of life, promoting public-private articulation.


The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá leads the model, the agenda and the engagement and participation strategy of the business sector as for peacebuilding, at the district and regional levels.

In this regard, the strategic lines of work propose the development of knowledge on issues that affect businesspeople, public-private articulation and influence public agendas to promote the role of the private sector as for peacebuilding.


Security and justice

The work carried out by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá also impacts the agendas of security, coexistence and justice in the city and the region. To do so, two perception and victimization surveys are conducted annually, in addition to reports on security issues in Bogotá and Cundinamarca and measurements of the people’s perception on corporate security and citizen culture. Special campaigns are also carried out to promote a culture of lawfulness, actions to prevent juvenile violence and coordination strategies with the National Police.

The work carried out in this area allows businesspeople to have an impact on public policies on security, coexistence and justice issues.

Government and citizens

The institutional strengthening for the capital and its citizens, especially businesspeople, to take on the challenges and contribute to the creation of a more conducive business environment is another of the major concerns of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. Based on the knowledge developed and on the articulation with public and private actors, the entity formulates and manages proposals for national, departmental and district authorities aimed at generating better conditions for business development.

As a complement to this work, the CCB supports the modernization of the institutional capacity to strengthen efficiency, transparency and the participation of business actors. Finally, on behalf of the civil society, and in particular the business sector, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá establishes partnerships with the public sector to take effective actions that promote access to information in order to formulate and implement public policies in line with the needs and expectations of the private sector and citizens.


Cities and regions around the world compete to position themselves as attractive places to invest in, have high standards of quality of life and a solid business fabric. To this end, it is essential to define strategies and policies aimed at promoting a conducive environment for creating productive and sustainable businesses in formal conditions, enabling productive transformation and increasing opportunities for knowledge and entrepreneurship for their inhabitants in order to foster quality jobs and income.

To do so, the CCB enables interaction between public and private actors for the identification, formulation and management of projects and initiatives that foster an environment conducive to the development of productive activities and businesses in the city and the region.